Friday, January 1, 2010

Starbucks Cook Book

My friend Shannon sent this Starbucks cook book to me for Christmas. It is so cute, it has cookies and brownie recipes. My husband ask if Shannon had made it with a use cup?


  1. Peg it's made using a real cup. We had starbucks double cup drinks for us so we could collect some lol. The drink recipes are something that starbucks handed out this year promoting the Via Instant sticks. We've seen different sticks like those at Target and Costco had a great deal on the Starbucks Via Sticks.

  2. The layout challenge....hmmmmmmm....make a layout of your Pet. But your Pet Picture can't be of your Pet at home, it has to be of your Pet at another place, like the Park, Dog Park, Pet Store, wherever, just not at your house. lol